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You exclusively.

You exclusively.

Nice to meet you, Rose. Run for your life.


Started watching Doctor Who today.

I seriously thought it would never happen. Don’t get comfortable yet though, we have a lot to cover between now and when the 50th anniversary comes out in November.

These are the three entries I put into the photography contest. I maybe should have mixed in something that wasn’t military related, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it :/

democratsaresexier replied to your post: I have done absolutely nothing on my day off.

Guess who got power! (Hint—it’s me).

What’s on my mind?

Well a lot really. I have been stretched so thin lately. I’ve got things going on from A to Z and nothing seems to be slowing down. I feel like I’ve been so caught up in work and my personal issues that I’ve been ignoring my remaining friends and family. I needed a ride to work yesterday and I called Bobby to see if he could help. I didn’t think much of it until later on that night I realized that when he picked up the phone, that marked the first time I had spoken to him in like two weeks - and I only talked to him to ask a favor. I felt like a total dick and so I made a personal vow to go out of my way and make time to spend with him. I’m trying to talk him into going to the museum next week but who knows if he’ll have time. On top of that I keep promising people that I’ll skype with them but when I get out of work I only stay up for a little while and fall asleep before I can get on to talk to them. I inadvertently blew off Evan two nights in a row now and again I kinda feel like a dick about it. I don’t understand where all my time goes though. I sleep for seven or eight hours, I work for six to eight hours, I spend a couple hours on tumblr and a couple hours reading.. That leaves some time on the side, what have I been doing with it? Anyway, after I get back from drill on Sunday, I’m going to sit down and go over my priorities and see what I can do to better manage my time. I’ll stress my need to get out and see people and go places because I haven’t really been out of the house to do anything except work.

Alright, thats enough self reflection for now. I know there’s so much more on my mind such as responsibilities I have as an adult, worries about what I will be doing with my life within the next year (I have BIG plans and I’ll get into that later), along with many other more personal aspects of my life that I like to save for my super secret blog.. Yeah, theres a lot bouncing around in this head.. 

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Yep. That looks about right.
Have you ever been to New York City? And yes, I am stealing the question you asked me. Deal with it. ;D haha — Asked by democratsaresexier

hahaha I see what you did there. Well, yes I have. I’ve been twice in my life; both spur of the moment activities. I actually planned on going again this weekend but due to an unforeseen illness, I don’t think I’ll be going through with it. 

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Hey Alex, there you go!