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2:50 am - Tue, Oct 11, 2011
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So I just called CNN to question why they weren’t covering Occupy Boston and they hung up on me.


Call major news organizations and tell them to cover this. If they were any sort of real journalists, they would cover things that people tell them not to.

CNN: 404-827-1500 Press 1


Fox News 

Any local news stations will do as well. Reblog and add stations. They need to cover this!

fuckers wont pick up..

UPDATE: After 10 minutes a less than thrilled representative to CNN picked up and informed me that they are aware of whats happening in Boston and that they have correspondents on the scene. I asked if I could be reassured to see this in tomorrow’s news but she couldn’t make an official statement on it. I told her I would be greatly disappointed in CNN if I don’t hear about this tomorrow and I proceeded to wish her a pleasant evening.. Thats when I realized she already hung up. 

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2:23 am
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live boston police audio communications.



spread this everywhere, write down badge numbers, take pictures. 

reblog, don’t just like. liking does nothing, you butts. reblogging at least is a signal boost.

So much for sleep tonight… Boston is in fucking turmoil.

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