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12:19 pm - Sat, Nov 30, 2013
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so you like the feeling of unprotected sex…


here’s a secret. We ALL DO. Girls, guys, everyone. We love the feeling of bare. But we don’t want the little kiddos running around. So, I went to Wal-Mart and found something really super cool. (disclaimer: you cannot use this to protect against STDS, only rely on these if you know and are okay with you/yours partners sexual history)

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Do want.

10:41 pm - Sat, Apr 6, 2013
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On Friday, a federal judge struck down the Obama Administration’s decision to restrict access to emergency contraception for Americans under 17 years old, ruling that Plan B should be available over the counter for women of all ages. Judge Edward R. Korman criticized the Administration’s “politically-motivated effort” to placate religious conservatives and prevent young women from accessing an extremely safe contraceptive method. Nevertheless, the White House is standing by its policy to require young women to obtain a prescription for Plan B, citing false claims that “it could be dangerous if misused.”

At the daily White House press briefing on Friday, Press Secretary Jay Carney confirmed that President Obama has not changed his position on restricting access to Plan B for women younger than 17. “He believes it was the right, common sense approach to this issue,” Carney told reporters, crediting Obama’s view on the issue partially to the fact that he is a parent and can therefore understand parents’ concerns about safety.

According to Carney, young girls may not be able to take the medication correctly if they do not first consult with a medical professional. “We do not have enough evidence to show that all those who could use this medicine, Plan B, can understand the label and use the product appropriately,” Carney said. “It could be dangerous if misused.” But that’s simply a distortion of the actual science behind emergency contraception. In fact, the morning after pill is safer than aspirin, which is obviously available over the counter to people of all ages.

And it’s not clear why the Obama Administration doesn’t trust the numerous doctors’ groups and medical professionals who have all confirmed that Plan B is safe for teens to use. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics has come out in favor of expanding young people’s access to emergency contraception, explaining that requiring teens to obtain a prescription is an unnecessary hurdle that likely prevents many of them from using the contraceptive method effectively.

Just as Judge Korman pointed out, the morning after pill is “among the safest drugs sold over the counter” and the standards for the FDA’s guidelines need to be “the same for aspirin and for contraceptives.” Even though Americans tend to be squeamish when it comes to teen sexuality, and may prefer to pretend that teenagers aren’t having the types of sexual encounters that would necessitate emergency contraception, that isn’t an acceptable basis for a federal policy. Pretending that Plan B is somehow “dangerous,” even when all the scientific evidence says otherwise, isn’t an acceptable basis either.

I’ve bolded the above because I just want to point out that this judge wants it available over-the-counter for everyone but the bolded above is part of the argument for why this judge is wrong to make such a ruling.

This ruling means that you still have to go up and ask a pharmacist (WHO IS A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL) to get it for you and then…OH….look how convenient! When they hand you the package you can then be like, “Can you explain how to take this, please?” They DO realize that pharmacists, like, went to school and shit and have a motherfucking DOCTORATE in pharmaceuticals, right? They are more than qualified to counsel customers on how to use a range of medicines including this one. It wouldn’t be any different for me to ask a pharmacist how to accurately take Plan B from when I have to pick up some cold medicine for my mom and ask them if it’ll interact with her thyroid meds.

It is, literally, a pill (maybe more depending on which brand option). Taking fucking NyQuil is more complicated than taking Plan B One Step (seriously, you have to measure that shit out in a cup and hope you don’t get drunk).


I am extremely disappointed in the Obama administration’s response to this. THIS WILL PREVENT TEENAGE PREGNANCIES. This is giving young girls (and others who can get pregnant) a way to control their sexual health. So parents won’t be in the loop if their kid uses this. Or they find out after the fact. Big damn deal! I can guarantee you that I’d rather have my mom find my Plan B package than a positive fucking pregnancy test in the trash. I’d rather have to explain that than explain why I need money for an abortion.



I am quite disappointed.

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6:20 pm - Fri, Apr 5, 2013
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Guys, this is a BFD.

Expect this to not be over, but good news for now.

5:18 pm - Sat, Nov 17, 2012
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Not like it matters what they say, I can already hear the rednecks screaming about the “new world government” coming to take their rights away. 

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9:58 pm - Tue, Oct 16, 2012
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"Every woman in America should have access to contraceptives."

— MITT ROMNEY, forgetting what political party he’s in and what political school of thought he adheres to.

11:43 pm - Mon, Mar 5, 2012
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Before class, several guys discussed Sandra Fluke, contraception, and Rush Limbaugh


And then this happened…

  • Guy #1: I don’t get what that Flake bitch was all pissed about. 
  • Guy #2: Why?
  • Guy #1: Her lesbian friend supposedly lost an ovary. So? She’s got two, and it’s not like a lesbo is using them anyhow. Like I want to pay for girls to be sluts if it’s not with me, dude.
  • Me: Fucking really?
  • Guy #2: Uh, yeah. Why?
  • Me: Would you give up your left nut? I assume you have two and it’s not like an asshole like yourself is using them anyhow. [His buddies laugh]
  • Guy #1: Chill, bitch, I’m joking.
  • Guy #2: You went to the Rush Limbaugh school of funny, didn’t you? Because you’re not funny, dude. Say you’re sorry to the girls around us. 
  • Guy #1: [Laughs] Real men don’t apologize.
  • Guy #2: Watch. [Turns to face several women, including me] “I’m sorry I’m a socially awkward prick who can’t find my dick with both hands. You are completely right. I’m not using my balls because I don’t have any.” See? That’s how you do it. Now do it or shut your fucking mouth. Shit, dude, you’re the reason none of us get laid.
  • Guy #1:
  • Me: [Laughing so hard I’m almost crying]

(H/t to Amanda for letting me listen to her tape recorder so I could get this fuckery right.)

That guy is doing it right. Not every day do people stand up for what’s right when it seems socially awkward to do so.

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