Pope Is No Tea Partier: Benedict Backs Guaranteed Health Care For All

As newly empowered Republicans prepare a congressional agenda topped by a promise to repeal health care reform, Pope Benedict XVI has strongly reiterated Catholic teaching that universal health care is an “inalienable right” that must be guaranteed by every nation and society. 

"It is necessary to work with greater commitment at all levels so that the right to health is rendered effective, favoring access to primary health care," Benedict said in a message on Thursday to the 25th annual conference of the Vatican office that promotes health care ministry. 

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    Wow, in an unexpected turn, the Pope says something I can totally agree with! But with Catholicism on the march against...
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    Like any good Catholic, the Pope knows his ‘P’s and Q’s’ when it comes to Catholic social teachings. Are you listening,...
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    Look at that dirty socialist! He’s almost as bad as that hippie Jesus guy!
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    The pope is right for a change. Can’t wait to hear the candidates call him a commie who doesn’t understand the bible...
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    The Catholic church catches a lot of flak, but a lot of their views are really progressive.
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